• dowa_jammie 5w


    My parents and families were pretty sure that i work hard daily to achieve my one and only dream that i dreamt so far. Why do i lack confident? Is it because of corruption?

    My dream require lots of energy. Am i as bold as before? Do i have courageous to overcome that fear of losing? This questions keep on ragging my mind. I want a short break. I do take long breathe to forget for time being but its helpless.

    My one and most fear is what if i don't get what i want? M talking about my goal that i had. Ll i be able to make my families as happy as they are today? Will i grow as bold as before? I want to get back to old me who work daily to make my parents proud. But how can i?

    I lack my confident now? Why all of sudden? I want to be as same as before. Who live happily with surrounding and my families. I want to be real me. Am tired of showing my fake smiles and faces to people around though i am dying inside. Some torture me emotionally to grab happiness. I do as per them.

    I miss my old friends too who help me daily whenever i do wrong. Who encourage me though m not capable to do this and that. I want my parents, families and friends to accept old me. I am done with those fake smile and faces. I want to give every shot that i left a year ago now. I will do what i did before. I will gain all my courageous to prove you wrong. Chimi wangmo and sonam yangchen i miss u guys. You are the one who lightened my life as before. Thank you isn't enough for you still then let me say it. I owe you♡