• khuzaima_mw 21w

    To all the waves,
                   crashing, howling, bustling
    against the silent shore,
                   Find peace from the horizon,
    that bends to make room for tameness
                   In the home of chaos.

    Stop the swirling madness
                   embrace the quiet stillness
    for once, let yourself free from
                    the anger spilled in you.

    For all you know, what you search
                    for so restlessly in seashells, ajar,
    in upturned bellies of hungry lurkers 
                     may well reside within.

    I will stand my ground, cowering,
                    under the violent coconuts
    flailing all around, running from the wind
                    knocking themselves to the soft beach.

    I stand still; still cowering, looking at you
                    and your vast misery, at ease