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    Unfortunately, some events or experiences we cannot prevent, it may totally be out of our authorization but for the things we have the “license” to control....don’t allow someone else to apprehend your wheel of experiences. I’m learning more extensively it’s a God given talents for us to relate. At any rate, know it’s NEVER too late to own your gifted story!

    “we have gifts that differ according to the undeserved kindness given to us” - Romans 12:6 NWT

    It bears repeating☺️

    “having gifts differing according to the grace that was given to us” - Romans 12 :6 ASV

    Own your gifts! that was bestowed upon you.
    I’m trying my best to🙂

    This post inspired by someone’s assuming what my words meant...as if they were telling my truth. Only we truly know our own truth aka license story other than HIM.

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    Permit them,
    they will steal your skillful inventory.

    Permit them,
    they will accept your talented glory.

    Permit them,
    they will swallow your gifts
    then accuse you of being a dory.

    Permit them,
    they will leave you in
    an emotional purgatory.

    Permit them,
    they will change your complete story
    yet it’s your license.