• lunaeclipsed 10w

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    I don't feel like typing out all the explanations, but these are 15 different lines, each meant to show what changes a line structure can make to a poem.

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    The sticky-slick petals crumpled in my hand
    Turn to textured shreds, twisting in twilight’s timid touch,
    Gifting luminescence
    To leaves, ripped from routes, stems, and homes. Still, they live a moment more
    Before letting themselves stop, for one, desperate moment, and returning to dirt.
    We smile, subconsciously killing our world
    With jet engines
    And forgotten plastic buckets, suffocating that on which they rest,
    Poisons, like purple concoctions mixed with communion,
    Medicines, yellow herbs, untouched by religion,
    Spill no blood, need no blood, but are not blood like wine becomes
    When shared in one chalice, before cracker crumbs and ___ down-cast eyes ___ land on the floor.
    We wear pins: some saints, others angels, all are silver;
    They ignore our faults as we forget how to
    Kneeplanted, lippedwords, thenbecame forwentheartbeats doneby unawareofferings.