• andigrace 22w

    The changes hanging over me, I find hard to accept.
    Last night, the whole night I dreamt standing in a doorway of time. I could see nothing but shadows moving ahead.
    Scared to move forward, but with nothing behind.
    And I knew it, I was stuck in time.
    Standing stagnant. My reprieve is over.
    I woke in the darkness of my room and wrote.
    When I woke up again this morning I looked at my note.
    Every word, every sentence written on top of the one before.
    I wanted to throw my book, I was pissed at myself.
    As I began to try to peel away each line to see the next behind.
    Then I realized.
    This change, this looming doom is like an onion I need to peel.
    I don't have to do it all at once, but I do have to accept it and begin. I can do this, a step at a time.