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    i have written this to celebrate 442 followers. i know what you all must be thinking, why 442? you see i can do whatever i want. (writer's block, have got nothing else to do, mind is as blank as Trump's.)

    Golden Rusty Bottle;

    "friend" a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations as google defines it.
    but as usual this definition is absurd. i don't feel emotions like affection or any special bond towards anybody. or may be i do.
    i consider friends as distractions for i am a mere ghost who writes about past as she watches the present passing by.

    my journey here isn't anything worth a description or a post to be honest, but i would like to thank some important people, i met here.

    @ariel_writes - i am wondering what shall i call you?Jerry? Brodie? or wifey?(not literally) we didn't meet here. you are the best friend i always wanted. the fact that i started writing because of you won't change ever. you are the most gallant warrior i've ever met Brodie. you always get a hunch whenever i break my nails digging them into my heart or when i keep the pistol in my garter just in case knife goes missing. you were there for me and i know you always will be. it's time to expose the fact that my pen name shasha has sha that starts with my name and has sha that ends with yours i love you Brodie, i really do.

    @leo_ - my dad used to say no matter how different you think you are there is always someone somewhere out there who is like you. you are not alone. at such a young age you are so much wiser, your perception caught me off guard. when i read you i realised you are another me, no may be my more sophisticated version. kiddo, you made me realise that "you grow when you move on". that i drink from the cup of life pour my heart of sacraments and swallow last rites and i thank you for that.

    @passenger_ - you are no hooman you're a monkey. i envy you. i envy your ability to open up so easily i envy your simplicity. you surely are exasperating but you taught me that i'm above, i'm beyond, i'm far gone but i can cut the apron strings from my mind abstract my world and my truth is mine to find. i will never forget this. thank you Manav the monkey.

    @tengoku - Bhang you are like marijuana, a medicinal herb. you heal. we talk so much and all non sensical, which makes so much of sense sometimes. you are my escape from the reality. did i ever tell you, you remind me of my old school friends? you are the light here. you remind me of who i used to be and who i can be.

    @worddrug - sigh you are so fudging annoying because you are witty and clever for no good reason. i was on the wrong side of forever. you know dark side of yesterday? my thin excuses barely placating the holes where the memories once had been. you are the glitter in the sunlight to someone beyond the horizon. you are the friend i need but do not deserve. thank you for everything adbhut.

    i genuinely adore you all. (don't be senti now)

    *thank you Sourav aka colonel*

    *Loki my twin my bae, I ice cream you. Thank you so much!*

    also i thank Bhavya, Amy, Lily, Ulfatish, Velo, Magic, frosty, Amelia, Jeccie, Yena, Peggy, Arjun, Jeel, Riddhi, Tarun ji, Hessa, Harshad, Sarbari, Shaiz, Harshits, Aparna, princesses and all those who ever talked to me, whole heartedly. you all taught me something. you guys are gems.


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