• nil_markas 47w

    The Ersatz Everyman

    I watched him through a begrimed rose window,
    Tarnished with time, from ages passed
    To me, he appeared a nefarious fellow
    And the mere sight of him had left me aghast
    Familiar though, as his features seemed
    I could spot in him that wickedness teemed
    Roaring fiercely and barking threats,
    Ever glowering with each demand he had screamed
    Evidently, he could not see me in my secret nook,
    As it was obscured by the grunge upon the glass
    And as I furtively observed this vile crook,
    I found myself, too, caught up in this morass
    I watched him -concoct- a most malefic machination,
    O' the evil he'd wrought, with nearly no limitation,
    Then suddenly it hit me -- an unsettling revelation,
    That this window was, in fact, an old, dirty mirror
    And that this fellow was merely my own fell creation...
    'Twas only me, 'neath an affected veneer