• _shweta 24w

    We're all capable of much more than we could believe. It's our choices that makes us live the way we live..
    Hence, I am living a life named lazy ��

    *just saying ��

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    I was sitting right behind
    While you were struggling inside..
    The perspiration slid down your face
    And landed on the ground
    Growing flowers from the roots of yesterdays..
    Of all the hardships that you've burried
    In the grave
    I was there standing beside,
    Holding lilies in my hands..
    At times, I too surrender with a frown on my face..
    Hopelessness and losing our worth
    In ourselves have left us in disgrace
    But would you believe if I say
    It's not the end yet
    But a new beginning leaving a light,
    To grab like a firefly and lighten our lives..
    It's been dark inside us since long now
    We've missed so much of ourselves
    Maybe, look inside today
    If the festival of happiness were to arrive
    Wouldn't you lace up to decorate yourself?
    And in the track of life
    Just sign in, press the button of risk once
    Shake yourself, know you deserve the world.
    And just when you'd realise
    You'll know, there's so much to cherish
    So much to give,
    So much to love,
    And so many more lives to live.