• sun_writer 9w

    Am i weird?
    Hell yes!
    Do i still like myself?
    Hell yess!
    Do i care if you like me?
    Umm... Yeah I do..
    Because no matter how much I want to adhere to the philosophy that you shouldn't care what others think of you.. Its difficult to exist in a society where noone likes you.

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    I am a lil weird
    Selfish, at times self centered
    Kind, at times benevolent
    Jealous all the time
    Yet happy for others too
    I talk fast, having to repeat a lot
    Most people don't even hear, they just nod
    My parents remind me to talk better
    I know I speak fast, but I speak the way my mind talks
    It thinks and i speak, I don't take time to make it pleasant to hear
    I look older than i am, and that pleases me not one bit
    My parents and family, don't miss a chance to remind me of it
    It hurts to know that you are not appreciated for being you..
    But laughed upon, for the way you walk or look
    My friends are better, they mock me sometimes but they laugh with me, not at me
    Sometimes, this inferiority, mediocrity kills me inside
    And I wish I was dead, rather than fulfilling everyone's expectation
    But then I would just be another product of this failed generation
    Hence I persevere, and live another day.
    Barely keeping such thoughts at bay..