• shreyashidutta_ 22w


    Years back,
    one letter used to reduce miles,
    that phase of waiting for the letter had an untold romance,bundle of feelings,
    relationships were not meant to be expressed with words,
    it was all about the silence of the moment,
    when not words,eyes spoke volumes,
    that one phone call used to made our day,
    somewhere that connection of soul ruled,
    which seems lost now,
    those days witnessed the evergreen love sagas,
    now,it's all about the never ending series of link ups,break ups,repeat.
    The window of my little study room witnessed kids dancing in the rain,
    greenery all around,
    the carefree life,
    the window panes are still hoping to get those days back,
    technology reduced miles,
    but somewhere distance got increased between the hearts,
    four walls of the room seems the world to our eyes,
    but the soul hopes to go back to that golden era where inhibitions were set free,where only happiness rules,
    after spending years on this planet,it seems that time have played it's cards well.