• _chaos_ 6w

    I miss how I used to be
    Shy and kind of in my own world.

    I don't know why time passes like this
    That made me cold hearted and I am starting to hate myself because of being like this.

    I love food and ate to too much because of that
    But it starts to pain in my stomach and I have to take pills which tastes bitter to heal the pain.

    I have seen so much that I just wanna close my eyes
    I don't want to be in touch with anyone and I just wanna be numb forever which is technically impossible.

    Whenever I wrote my friends thought I am depressed and I should concern a doctor well, I thought I am writing sad posts that doesn't mean I am sad or depressed I am just tired of the circumstances and people and their behavior.

    I wish I could tell them to STFU but I don't give damn and kept all to myself. And I laughed on the scars my mirror show me.

    I laughed so hard that all of my tears started to cry. I wiped them off my skin and my towel dry itself in Dellima of ink and I left room of syllables to be numb again.

    I don't read myself anymore and people still calling me a good scribbler.

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    I laughed so hard
    That all of tears started to cry "