• mephistopheles 5w

    It's Difficult

    Do You know?
    What is difficult?
    If you are not with me it's difficult
    When I will have to walk alone
    That's the difficult
    To forget you, To forget everything
    That's the difficult
    Do you really know?
    What is difficult?
    When There will be lonely nights which will kill me after your departure
    That's the difficult
    To imagine a life without you
    Is difficult
    To move on from you
    That's the impossible

    I used to tell her, To stop thinking you is the difficult
    To try, to think you are not anymore
    That is difficult
    To stop loving you that's the difficult
    A life where you are far more from me
    That's the difficult
    To act like you don't care anymore
    That's the difficult
    To killing myself for rest of my life that's the difficult
    To not trusting your every words
    That's the more difficult
    Baby, You never know
    What is difficult, Trying to show me you don't love me
    That's the difficult
    Try not to remember you that's the difficult
    To stop tearing in your memories
    That's the difficult

    I always tried to convince her
    If, You are with me it's possible
    It's possible to lived a life we dreamed together
    If you are with me
    It's possible to rest of life
    If it's difficult, there is no possible
    It's difficult to think we are in difficult
    If you're with me there is no difficult
    She again explain her worries
    It's difficult
    I again find out not so difficult
    When she will hold my hah
    Everything is possible