• sweetiepinks_hossain02 9w


    To the man I love most, HAPPY BEAUTIFUL 16 MONTHS TOGETHER!

    i'm so glad that we did it again, trials in life made us weak these past few days, it came to our way like unexpectedly, we fought for it , and trying to give out our best. 
    I know for a very short time we have stuff that  we don't really understand what's going on , for the fact that i don't even get a chance to hug you , kiss you, wake up next to you, and see you everyday
    but what ever it takes, for this short period of time that we've been together, i learned to love you so deeply inside my heart.. learned to forgive you when you did something.. learned to accept who or what you are.. learned to dream about having you in my life forevermore..

    learned to sacrifice my pride.. learned to smile 
    whenever i'm sad... and last but not the least i learned to appreciate what you've done . ..

    I am praying and I am hoping that everything will be alright . And pray that you'll never gonna say goodbye, to hope that what ever argument we're having, you're still there for me, holding on.. to wish the impossible things in life.. i learned to feel the true love with you .

    this 16 months that we've been together proving that we really can, we can make things possible, we can put a smile on our face, we can understand each other weaknesses, and i know we can make our relationship last forever .

    I really do love you .. really do care for you .. and I really want you to be not just in my life, but in my future life . 

    Thank you for making me feel this way, and i love you so much baby topon , more than anything

    It is hard to ignore the feelings i have for you, it is so deep how can i even let you go now? when i know that i can't even do it . Loving you is my Joy and i promise that i will not exchange you for anything , and i just want you to know that you are my hope and my dream that is coming true :)