• droneking 10w

    List is withering away..

    This lonely road of heart break ave is bitter and cold

    Pillow smothering crying nights in the heat of the night is getting kinda old

    Hitting forks in the learning curve of life throwing fast balls

    Constantly swinging never hitting the nail on the head never again for love will I ever fall

    Because this happiness and laughing feeling has been nothing but grey skies yelling in the wind with madness

    Barely laughed or smiled cuz of love but I have cried nights away full of sadness

    Fighting wars inside my prison of mind I'm one of a kind

    They where always like you don't matter and the don't mind

    Leave or stay toy with my heart on a daily basis running after nothing like a gerbal on the wheel

    Hitting the fast lane with foot mashed and no hands on
    the wheel

    Life's a bitch and she's always on the rag showing me nothing but pain and misery

    This heart and soul lost the will to race and feels like he will never get s victory

    Broken down to pieces because my heart is torn to pieces

    The will to live everyday is shorting everyday I'm running
    out of reasons