• rosebudz 23w

    Immortal Soul

    Once so free, now held
    Not moving forward, but not moving back
    Frozen in a place, a place for souls
    The ones that feel all but nothing
    These blackened souls, greys brightest light
    Fearing nothing, they are the nightmare
    Its all a game, the darkness falls
    Innocence … innocence, a beautiful thing
    All but in a child left alone
    The darkening veil, the greying sky
    Do not believe and this will not come true
    This monster you call it
    I only speak the truth, I only educate the oblivious
    Passing on the blackened souls, this scary truth
    But fear not the grey, for the black will worsen …
    This shade, the hurting souls
    Weakening you, wearing you down
    What is to happen to you, you will only know
    Joining them the blackening grey..
    You will hurt, the pain of a death, immortality is not kind to the weak
    Living a thousands lifes, feeling a thousand deaths
    A grueling pain.. a punishment for the weak
    Our immortal soul wishing death, rotting into nothing
    Wanting to stay in a box six feet under, hiding from the pain of a new life
    You have only lived a life in a thousand, you will learn the deaths painfullest tick
    Its too late to hide now, you are a lost
    soul taken... greys brightest light
    Soon to be black, you will suffer this death... a death of a mortal
    But come back again, for your immortal soul will not let you die
    Feeling the pain of those thousand deaths... and more
    But what can you make of this? nothing, you cannot speak
    Your lips are sewn shut, not a word you can speak can save you from this
    This is the end and the new beginning for you
    The start of an immortal soul so black
    Converting you to the dark side, feel your pain
    Feel the hurt that everyone has done to you
    Your soul black as night, innocence gone
    Nothing left but an empty shell, someone you once were
    You are the new death
    You are feared, what every child runs from
    You are a nightmare come alive..
    You made all this happen, now you will forever serve
    Serve as a death you immortal soul, blackened as the night