• riversong 9w

    To my lover

    To my lover
    To my world
    You pull me out
    You protect me now
    You keep me from drowning
    You keep me safe and sound
    No one understands like you do
    I have demons all around
    When I fall and can not fight
    You pick me up and fight
    When I can't speak and my body shakes
    You hold me close and sing a song
    Until I too can sing a long
    I pass out when all is done
    You hold me til the rising sun
    You keep your guard up until I wake
    Because I'm a part of you
    And you are a part of me
    You know when I'm in pain
    Long before I know it
    Your gentle touch is the first I felt
    Before you I would scream
    Because of the devil's touch
    By others who only wanted to use me
    When you found me
    I tried to end all the pain
    But you came and showed me the better way
    You keep me fighting because I now know
    What my future now holds
    Happiness and laughing at kids
    It's me and you until the end