• psychosammyr 23w

    It is hilarious, isn't it? Everything in the world changes, but the change itself remains a constant company in one's life, like my darkness which is always there with me.
    Even in light, my darkness changes its form from amorphous to some other shape, and then it stays with me - be it my shadow or thoughts. It seems like it is a lover who has promised me an eternity to be with me.
    I don't mind in the least, but sometimes, it takes a toll on me, which is unavoidable.
    But can I help it? No.
    Can I stop it? No.
    Can I live without it? No.
    How can I survive without my own shadow? It's a part of me as much as I am a part of it. It's my constant half, that will chug me down chronically and will do so with pleasure, tantalizing me to its allure and capturing me in its sinister darkness. Now it's my choice, whether to be its prisoner or partner.


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