• dcgarriott 6w

    The purest form of obsession.

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    I can't say your name.
    Without, getting two chills
    down the back of my neck
    Then up again.
    Without my knees, already weak.
    I can't say your name
    Without it sounding, god like.
    It booms and carries the hammer of Thor.
    I can't say your name
    normally, save my crooked smile.
    It flows off my tongue like smoke.
    I couldn't say it without transgressions.
    or our future in it's shadow.
    I can't say your name without sounding
    like a game show host.
    Mr Sunshine,
    Mr World I revolve around.
    Why, would I want to hide that devotion?
    I say your name,
    with powerfully endowed
    unequivocal love.
    When I say your name,
    We make an entrance, baby.