• ashish_anand 15w

    Another phase..

    It's very easy to give up on things,
    But it's really tough to fight.
    Spur yourself for it's good,
    You will get a source of repulsion,
    To retract it from exacerbating.

    If you choosed to give up,
    I know, it is something special and it means everything to you,
    But only and when you get involved as you anticipated,
    Things could change and there would be a better tomorrow.

    Eerie act gives tears and scars,
    Be yourself, feel yourself
    What you are,
    You meant for something then do for it,
    Don't turn yourself for dubious feelings,
    Hey, there you are, with a heart and care,
    Which can change and make you aware,
    It's never too late, it's just an another chance
    To make everything perfect.