• the_seer10 9w

    Begging on roads in sweltering heat
    Selling pens and balloons
    Drivers turnaway and pull windows up
    All this to feed the babe at breast

    Feets are full of blisters
    I have no shoes
    Skin burning on hot tar
    Praying for pennies and notes

    I sleep under bridge and sky
    Banners are my shield and roof
    Footpath my garden and yard
    Hunger and chills my constant pals

    My husband is always drunk
    Busy with his whores and cards
    I do not dare question him
    Unless I want to be lashed

    Children are the way to riches
    Better crippled and lame
    More them more coins
    Say no more to hungry nights

    We taught some folk songs
    Gave them a portrait to bless
    With needles through their face
    Sent them dancing in common space