• meanderingwords 10w

    A medal of honour
    A hero's cape
    Some lofty promises
    An attempt to be great

    A messiah complex
    Blind to the reality
    A far reaching impact
    Of dwindling sanity

    Keep it together,
    A chant reverberating
    Keep it together,
    A panic resonating

    Hope becomes denial
    Not facing the truth, 
    Fighting a losing battle
    Life's a tightening noose

    Too late to turn back
    With no way out
    Running out of options
    The first seed of doubt

    Dread seeps through
    Within, a sinking feeling 
    A reign of panic begins, 
    That you try concealing

    With nowhere to go
    No one on your side
    A realisation of loss
    Disaster identified

    But now it's too late
    To change the course
    The iceberg shall strike
    With a resounding force

    Keep to the path
    There's no turning back
    No room to escape
    From this attack

    A bitter acceptance
    Forces to rally
    Matching on ahead
    A brave man's folly

    #lost #hopeless #dread #apocalypse #thoughts #life #diary #poetry #notahoax #covid19


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    A brave man's folly