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    Personal note: I never knew my Grandparents. As a child I would adopt the lunch ladies at school. As I would adopt my friends parents and their Grandparents. I am so very Greatful as a parent that my children have most of their Grandparents still. I know we would be lost without them. Love and blessings to our ancestors!
    Sorry I have not written in a while.

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    Family Tree

    Though I did not sit on your knee.
    I have felt you next to me.
    Even though I have not seen your face.
    I have heard your laugh.
    I may not have known your praise.
    Still I feel accomplished in your grace.
    Telling your tale is the song in my heart.
    Learning your wisdom is my start.
    I may only be a branch,
    my children the leaves.
    We are all bound together in family.
    Even if you don't know me.
    Pages turn in history.
    Echoes of what was,
    has yet to come to be.
    I see your face is in my son's.
    Our hair is a wave,
    that can not be controlled.
    Your dimple kisses my daughter's face.
    Thank you for existing!
    So I could be part of the human race!