• pen_mind 27w

    I'm lonely

    This is coming from my heart,
    And it goes like this,
    My heart have been broken by
    Different people,I've weeped
    I have fallen,I have died silently,
    I have given so much of myself.
    That I lost myself in the process.
    Without getting back quarter of what I gave,I have loved someone like my life
    Depends on it,I have given my soul
    My body wholeheartedly in joy
    And comfort,thinking he was the one for me,I thought he was my last bus stop.but again and again I kept giving without getting. and then I met him,I thought he was the missing partner I've
    Long been finding,I thought he was that soul mate I seek,our hearts swindled together...Alas he was not like the rest he was the worse of them..I gave up on
    Love,my heart ached so bad.. I couldn't
    Even cry,all the lies and deceit,do I even deserve this....?my dear poor heart..now
    I'm ready to love again..after a whole break..but getting the right man feels like looking for a specific diamond in the house of Gold,seems almost impossible.. I am lonely........now this is my story....