• tysen_18 6w

    Mending machine!

    You broke me down!
    Now you are mending me!
    You left me then,
    Why are you searching me?

    You said you hate me,
    Then why all the 'love' you are showing now?
    I am still the same I was!

    I was not the one you trust...
    But you are trusting me now?
    Is this is a game of then and how?
    Making me riddle every pice of you
    Making me feel am not good enough for you!

    Trust me I have moved on,
    But you are the one stuck in the same song!
    It's not a duet!
    It's solo!
    It never was , and never could have been
    Something this shallow!

    If love is this , then God forbiden!
    If love is this,
    It's better ridden!