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    Idk wht i wrote though ����
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    Rubbing the Vaseline,
    Soothingly on the Lips,
    The Wrinkles, The Cracks,
    Seemed to get Filled,
    Getting deep & deep
    Into the Cracks the Vaseline
    Thought It would Calm down
    The Burning sensations,
    But Felt as if the Lips are on fire,
    The Thorns pricking the lips
    Blood starts to trickle down,
    The Cracks seems to get tortured,
    Red devil trickled down the Lips.
    Masticating the Lips,
    & The Lips turned lifeless.

    The Pink Flip flops,
    Asking as if I would,
    Be able to Walk After,
    Being Numb for Long,
    The Fingers of the Feet
    Stretching after being,
    On a Rest mode for years so long,
    The feet Tingled with Sensations,
    So Strange to Me
    After years of torment
    A Pang still hits at the deepest,
    Corner of the Part of the Body,
    Called Heart.

    Slumped on an Empty bed,
    Wearing a Tattered t-shirt of yours,
    With an Old Worn out quilt,
    The Smell still lingers in the quilt,
    Sniffing the T-Shirt
    Darkness calling me in,
    With a Promise to Never wake me up.