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    "You've given the self love
    That's pure and aware."
    - I love myself but only in a humble way. I don't let overconfidence dwell. I am aware of my flaws. I know how and when to correct them. I know what needs improvement. I want to change for the better, not because I hate myself but because I've seen a better phase exist.
    I somehow disagree with a certain emotion related to self love. There are two kinds that according to me aren't the way they're supposed to be. One is the overconfident self love that doesn't see anybody beyond himself and the other is the self love that's aware of his flaws but doesn't even try to change them, tagging it with an excuse that "I love myself the way I am and I won't change." Both are wrong in my point of view.

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    My flaws

    Unbroken, unhurt,
    Naked and raw -
    My thick waist,
    Round face,
    And every little flaw -
    Seems to take a shelter
    Neath your eyes
    For I feel as beautiful
    As I looked in my mind,
    Before the world told me
    I wasn't the best kind.
    I have anomalies
    that aren't even heard of -
    Horrible stretchmarks,
    Burn marks and dark underarms.
    I have cellulite
    That doesn't seem to melt.
    I have had the worst
    And the best a body can get.
    Now is my worst,
    And you love me the most.
    You've seen all that
    I despise myself,
    You've fallen in love with
    What's meant for hate.
    You've given me the love
    That no one can donate,
    The gift of self love
    That's raw and rare
    You've given the self love
    That's pure and aware.