• mccavvity 8w

    Girls and boys of the current generation are so playful. They toy around with the feelings of other one, then leave. Like it was nothing. In the same generation, are people who are genuine and loyal with their feelings. They fall in love and commit themselves to it. But some of them are really awful. They make fake promises and then disappear into thin air. Because of these kinds of people, some genuine youth have started protecting their heart by "living in the moment." If they find someone they love, they commit themselves to the relationship and does not expect from their partner to do the same. They kind of prepare themselves for the heart break. They say that they are accepting what's making their heart happy right now and in return they will prepare themselves if the one other leaves them in future just like that. But you know what? Just to make your heart happy, you are losing your worth, your importance, your significance. I think you must protect your worth before your heart.