• lowkey93 10w

    The Game

    Sitting at the waiting area of the airport. It was difficult to find seats. Got lucky. Thanks to the desperation, garbed under a tremendous sense of observation. Looking over the shoulder of a newly-wed bride. Playing bubble witch. You know ,the one where you need to match the colours to pop the bubbles? Yeah.. It's a boring game. But I couldn't quit ogling. More than the game, it was the attitude of the player towards the game, that struck. Everytime she couldn't get the colours of her choice, or the colours she needed, she quit the game , went back and started the level again. 

    This got my mind reeling. Isn't life a game too? What if we could do the same with this game as well? Just quit. Go back and start fresh. A new game. A new life. Keep restarting it till I have it my way. Then I noticed something. When the player I was silently stalking in my observation, got the colours she wanted..she kept going and got past where she had to leave the last time. But soon after those moves, she again started getting colours she didn't want. So she couldnt really make it out of that level. She was trapped in the same level, at different stages.
    That's exactly how life works too maybe. When we don't get the colours of our choosing, we 'take a break' and 'start fresh'. Like fools probably , we get past that stage and pretend to be victors and go around preaching it's never too late to start afresh. Change course. Restart. Only to get stuck again at a different stage and never really making it forward. Stuck. Bored. Finally quitting for good. Lying in our deathbeds, looking back at the starting again as the regrets of the life gone by. Maybe every soul born, is born with a quota of shit. Different stages though. Shit. Deep shit. Pile of shit. Dribble of shit. But shit. And no matter how smartly we go back and restart, we get past that stage, but are stuck at another. Maybe you got to face your share of the shit quota. This way or that. If not, then be willing to be stuck in a loop. Trapped. Even if you get past one stage, or luckily the level, the game history is never really wiped clean.
    Maybe there is no smart way out. Maybe the smartest way out, is through it. Maybe we have been playing it all wrong. Maybe instead of restart, what we need , is to Resume.
    And that's my flight call.