• lifeofshiv 10w

    God lives in children it's true
    Pure souls, innocent minds

    Chersihed memories of my childhood, came to my mind
    Wish I could hit rewind
    Just enough to align
    With the exact time you came to mind

    Would do a lot things different from that time,
    I'd be flying through the clouds
    To see my princess,
    A thousand more times

    I've been going through some dark days,
    So that's the only thing makes me feel like I'm not losing in this race

    My whole life I wish I could redesign
    But when life gets tough,
    They say the tough get going
    I'm on the same path, no time for regrets
    I'm so glad that we met,
    If you were in a make-up set, you'd be the highlight, I bet

    No matter the past,
    I wish you nothing less than the best
    This life is a quest
    Our paths may cross again
    Because our love may never end

    A force bigger than us may pull us together
    Or keep us apart forever
    The future is unpredictable
    Our love was never typical

    We don't have to pretend
    Our bond was made to last until the end,

    I would break the chains of hell
    To come find you in heaven
    My soul is locked onto yours,
    Now and forever,
    Even if we don't end up together

    If your heart beats for me like mine does for you,
    Even God couldn't keep me away from you,
    If your heart finds peace in another,
    I would still love you like a child to his mother

    I could never hate you,
    For you are an angel, I wish you had a clue
    Believe me, what I'm saying is true,
    For I would never stop loving you

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    For I would never stop loving you