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    Its a shame for us that we couldn't even save those little souls, but we can demand for justice
    Guys repost for Asifa!
    And yes, all ladies have the right to do what they want with their body, don't give a damn what men with low mentality think. If your clothes provoke them to rape you, let them get provoked, because they don't know its consequences. They may get killed in a dreadful way! Just do whatever you guys want to. Its your life, your rules.

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    She was a little angel
    Raped and murdered by some devils
    Had experienced only 8 years of life
    But couldn't live more than that
    That little soul didn't even know about the low class mentality of certain people
    But those people did know about the crime they were doing
    There was one more little angel
    Again raped and murdered by some devils
    She had experienced 11 years of life
    And wished to see more of her life
    But couldn't
    Indian men who have this kind of mentality should be starved to death
    They have got no right to live in this world
    If they can't respect a little girl, they can't respect any woman in this world