• roxana91 9w

    Turn your head

    Give me the last kiss,
    Never to forget.
    I'm leaving your mouth,
    Enjoying my lips.

    Before you leave,
    Please turn your head
    And tell me how you feel.
    Honey, tell me how are you feeling now?

    My life turns gray,
    Burning lights,
    If you don't stay here,
    I don't know who I belong to.

    Give me one last hug,
    Clothe my soul with your arms,
    And tell me that what I am living now
    Cannot be right for you.

    I don't know what it will be,
    But I will keep the memories;
    Turn your head once more,
    To see your beautiful eyes.

    I touch your skin with my kiss,
    I would like to go with you,
    Now that you're gone,
    I don't know who I belong to anymore.