• army_ikonic 23w


    Friend, why?
    Why did you picked her?
    As your loyal friend?
    After what I did to you?
    And this is how you repay me?
    We know each other for so long,
    Tell me,
    Who know you better?
    Me or her?
    Who's always make you laugh?
    Me or her?
    Who's always share some secrets with you?
    Me or her?
    You only know her since January,
    And we know each other since Primary 2!,
    I am grateful to have a friend like you,
    But...you're the meanest,
    Should I say this, my friend?
    That I hate you and your fake YOU?!
    Come back please,
    And don't you ever fall into her trap,
    She's only saying things that I don't like,
    Please, come back,
    My friend...