• _bisma____ 5w


    Somedays, I feel like if I could go beyond and re-create the moments.
    Somedays, I feel like if I could take a dip into the ocean and be drenched in my MUSINGS.
    Somedays, I feel like if I could catch a glimpse of what lays ahead.
    But the point is that, why am I even thinking about the things unlikely to happen i.e. improbable.
    Life is just about unveiling moments.
    I can't change what's already done.
    Then why to regret because regrets give nothing, but tenseness.
    They say, " Time waits for none" then why do I always take this time for granted?
    Who knows that I'm going to see a TOMORROW.
    In the blink of an eye, everything can change. That's why it is said to forgive often, love, apologize as we may never know when we may not have that chance again.