• elizabeth_melodious 9w

    It's not about timing sweet heart it's about daring ciz you lack guts to accept that you love me and you will die for me coz I will do the same for you but you are not even loyal behind my back. My ex friend is the worst person I have ever met doesn't matter how good he's.. I will smack the shit out of him if he ever talk shit behind my back. You bitch you only were with me for two years and you think you know me. Suck your own black dick bitch I real fuck you up if u ever put my name to dirt. Cause nobody understood a shit about me.. I don't give a fuck about your life just don't put my name cause I hate you more than you will ever know. I will slit your motherfucking throat if you ever said anything rubbish.. Keep that in yo mind and have a happy life life without including me.