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    @pa_luck Sorry for being a copy cat. I love the way you title using two meanings. So this is just a mere try. Hope I didn't mess it up. (:

    I know it could have been better.

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    One small bite.
    I liked how it crunched
    between my teeth,
    A noisy deception
    before a terrific storm.
    Or maybe a forever lasting

    Another bite.
    I felt something hot
    tickle my taste buds,
    from within those
    green-red covers.

    With every following bite
    I sidled it through my mouth
    Tranquilizing my taste buds
    But now it's burning my throat,
    The sizzling pepper of lies.

    I tried drinking water of serenity
    To get back to my senses
    But all in vain.
    You see.

    It's Chil(li/lie).