• anui_chaitom 9w

    Well if you ask me why I met all these strangers
    My answer will be only one and will always be the same
    As I'm a lunatic i know what it's like to be alone
    I want to be a listener, a companion
    Might not be for eternity but still
    I'll hear you out....
    with no boredom just curiosity in mine eyes
    No wonder why most of it ends with a
    Passionate kiss they don't accept to forget.
    Dear, my involvement on that kiss is just an outburst of whatever feelings you trusted to share with me
    I promise your secret are safe with me,
    Even if you don't do the same.
    If you want you can call me a diary
    where you don't have to write but to narrate
    and what's impressive about this diary is that
    this diary will never be published.

    Yours truly