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    I just tried to describe one of the love story in just 3 letters and I didn't had the idea how to write it.
    if you liked it you can surely like and repost it and the most important thing, you can give your suggestion and can suggest me anything or can tell me how I can make it more perfect. Do this through your comments . It will means a lot to me. Thank You ��

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    Letter 3

    Now we hardly talk to each other but Its so good to listen to your stories now , to think about those moments , the mischievous you, everything seems like I'm still living in your world.
    This is my life now. Yes I have little grandchildren and one of them has your name, for, I wanted you to be around me. I tell them, all of your stories and it brings a solace to my heart when I speak about it. You have become their favourite story while sleeping in foggy dark night beneath the blanket , under the shade in the sun, and while sitting with the stars. I still wonder about your generation and think that whether they'll be knowing about me or I was just in the dust and flew away in the hard storm.