• nehashaikh 5w

    Kun Faya Kun✨

    I never felt so much unloved ever
    Disappointed not from the one but by the close one,
    May be it's your bad day or a wrong decisions of your priority list.
    From my teary eyes i call upon you with all my trust, devotion & love no one is Greater and Merciful than you,
    Oh, Almighty Allah you're the most helpful and merciful you forgive for all those deeds too which are prohibited you love us so much.
    I couldn't be more happier than this how you change the bad phase within a blink .
    There's no one who will guide you, love you help you except our Almighty, i truly believe. Life is still beautiful and lovely as you're protecting me always.
    Ever felt so lost and broken? Yes, just close your eyes and believe on him you will see a beautiful day waiting out for you there, remember there's none beside you except Almighty.