• bluedandel 6w


    Keeping myself one step backward
    Letting my emotions run along
    Repeating the reasons on my mind
    On why I have to let you go.

    It is not easy to do this
    But please I have one last wish
    Don't blame yourself
    For this action of mine

    I am happy from the time we have shared
    But I think it is not really well spend

    Thank you for letting me fell safe
    On the times that I feel scared
    Also on the time that I freaked out
    because of the things that stresses me out

    Many thanks for the roles that you want to be
    But I think you should do it on someone else and not me

    Maybe your thinking a lot of why's
    But I refuse to answer that and have to say my goodbyes

    I want to have more but I can't give more
    Maybe that is why I have to say no more

    Contemplating for this action took me a long time
    And I am pretty sure that I have courage to say it now

    I can't see myself growing old with you
    Whenever I close my eyes I just see you as a friend, a close friend
    Nothing more, nothing less

    I have to deal with some things without you on it
    Let's face the world on different path without each others back
    I am doing it already and I am fine with it
    I hope you do the same thing as well.

    There are some things that I see which I disapproved of
    Even if you ask it or changed it, it will be the same
    At some point, before it reaches to the first stop
    Make a detour and take another path

    Trying things out is not an easy task
    if the other party is not helping out
    on that case, I am that other party
    that refuses to help out

    Before I end this letter and ending it literally
    There is no third wheel
    It is just me and my reasons
    That leads me to end it.