• folorunsho_loveth 5w

    What are you scared of?

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    Been running for so long,
    Trying so hard to keep it locked away,
    But the light is fading,
    The shadow is dawning.

    I tried to ride in the light for miles.
    But keeping the reins away from the reach of destiny is a battle I'm losing,
    And again the light is fading,
    The shadow is clawing it's way out,
    Begging to be Queen for a day.

    The crackling lightning and roaring thunders mimic the storm brewing in me,
    The angel halo I thought I wore thins out with the illusion of light I created,
    Identities can never be forgotten,
    And shadows can never be escaped,
    The reverie of the bright light has only kept the shadow away for so long,
    Giving it enough time to nurture it's abilities to perfection,

    What will happen to me now?
    I am so scared of what I'm becoming,
    I am so scared of the familiar rage that is resurfacing,
    I am so scared of retracing my paths on the dark alley,
    I am so scared of the Me that is itching to come out,
    I am so scared of being locked away helplessly withing my shadow.