• noorehera 5w

    No one else breaks us the way our loved ones do.
    And when they do,
    Oh dear! The pain is true.
    The world becomes a bitter place,
    And every minute you start to hate.
    You stop trusting the same,
    Life becomes a losing game.
    They rip you apart
    and tear you down,
    But you wish for their happiness,
    You hate to see them frown.
    Even when all they do is make you suffer,.
    A word against them you still can't utter.
    You go through so much pain,
    But let them use you again.
    They take advantage,
    Because they know they don't have to pay for the damage.
    You still wish the best for them,
    Cause your love is so pure.
    You know if they get hurt it will only hurt you more.

    -Noor E Hera