• diviadc 30w

    And i want to,
    of all the worldly toys and lures,
    to be back.
    To those days
    where the color of my thoughts never mattered
    because i was busy colouring
    books and walls and floors and skin.
    with posters and waters and brushes, not with
    steel blades, with
    sands and dusts and happy sticky muddy puddles, not with
    heinously lustful touches
    on other's skin, with
    gluttounously self centered thoughts.
    were of the innocent mind-body-heart satisfactory
    games we played in the streets, not of
    rotten and destructively competitive tricks of
    destroying other's lives.
    were filled with acceptance of weirdly
    shaped and bodied cartoons. whom
    we loved and missed and adored and
    dreamt of being alike, not with
    disgust and hatred and despise for the
    differently blessed humans.
    were kind and smiling to me, happily
    playful and giving me delicious foods and chocolates, not
    strippers of my own pride, self respect and soul and then
    left alone.
    is all i feel now,
    Inspite of all the worldly toys and lures.