• for_starters 5w

    Power of TODAY

    Some days I feel glee
    Some days I feel sad
    Some days are guilty
    Some days I am scared

    It's me who has the freedom of choice to make.
    Each day to wiegh- what is and is not at stake
    There are a hundred possibilities I am blessed with
    today, " today" which belongs to no one else.
    Today - the day to try out a different lense

    I can be hardworking as beaver
    Or be lazy as the cat.
    I can be comical as the hyena
    Or be flying like the bat.

    I can be the different "me" from my yesterday,
    Excited for this happening today.

    This thought of having control makes me confident
    And raises my esteem
    For the situation is not so bad as it seems.

    I can be the different "me" from my yesterday
    I say to these words to myself everyday.