• ocean_elie 6w


    judgemental society
    pain for being in-adequately
    shyness through insecurity
    loss In a world called uncertainty

    blind truthness of world ,
    with , person's stories untold
    smile behind of imperfections and solitude
    inner chaos , lingering grief , unfold

    growing up is not that easy
    dealing with society nor insecurity
    dealing of pain in this world of cruelty
    full of bruises , scars and excrescency

    resentment obscured in ashtrays
    shaping the torn fragment , finding trace
    anticipation for not having this grief and fear
    in containing of flaws , scars and.. bruises of tear


    Ps: atelophobia- fear for not being good enough and imperfections as I said from my previous poem entitled "perfection" you don't need to be perfect , you don't need to be like them or for being good enough to others because being good enough on your own is the greatest being accepted by your own is more important .. stop thinking perfection but always take action be yourself and embrace your flaws:)

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