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    In the mild light of the moon
    under the stars and the open sky
    I saw her all the seasons
    in different shades of the night

    Her clothes fell down
    like Oak leaves in fall
    and yet like Aphrodite,
    next to me, she stood tall

    And when my fingertips moved
    over her naked, flawless skin
    She shivered as if Winter came
    defying the heat within

    When I reached the forbidden places
    the heat within her started leaking
    And yearning for the delicate touch,
    her flower bloomed as in spring

    But I couldn't find her in any of the seasons
    not in the moans or sighs or thighs
    Yet beyond the veil of lusty desires
    I'd sense her watching me with closed eyes

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    Have you really seen the person
    you claim to be in love with?
    Wasn't your eyesight veiled with
    lust and desires?
    And are you sure that you could meet
    the one behind their body, thoughts and emotions?