• anagkaziowrites 5w


    When they think of Me all they remember is dreadful memories and fear inching up their fragile spines. A tool of torture and pain depriving many of hope. I come to them arms wide open , My heart itching for comfort and love but,they toss Me away.They say I've caused them nothing but grief and sorrow. They call Me the accursed, an abomination that must be forgotten . And I wonder how quick they were to forget days My warm embrace was all they longed for, Moments of unimaginable sorrow I subdued to save them from themselves. How soon they had forgotten that I would always be a part of their lives. No ,they only chose to hold on to the hurt and forget the past. it's become too much for Me to bear,so I have to cling like a leech and Keep reviving My memory in their hearts, for there never was a Present or Future without the past.Without Me..