• livelove_laugh 6w

    Musings from the heart

    It won't happen in a day,

    You slowly starts to feel unloved,
    Slowly you won't feel the same spark when you see them as before,
    Slowly you start to loss faith in the eternal love,
    You slowly feel unwanted and unworthy,
    You starts to feel like walking away, but you won't do. But it doesn't mean you want to stay.
    You no longer hope for the things to turn better,

    All your doubts of being in love comes up one by one, making you to curse yourself,
    At one point you suddenly feel empty and at other you feel peace.

    You want to be heard,
    You want to be understood,
    You want to be felt,
    You want to be nurtured,
    You want to be loved,

    Nothing seems like a possibility for you.
    You slowly become indifferent.
    You become dead inside. And that's how the journey goes.
    It's not a day's thing,
    It takes months, seasons, years and lifetimes.