• sanjay_writes 23w


    Love is my sacred place !
    My home ! my head ! my heart ! my storm ! my shelter !
    I gave you my heart ! you gave me your heart !
    we made it our art ! You took back your heart !
    gave back my heart !
    I did the same and neither looked half the same for we had broken our art !
    I wish that I could paint your heart as art upon a canvas that bleeds !
    so I could trace the moment you broke me into tiny pieces of you and made each piece love you forever !
    The cold side of the pillow screams your warmth !
    A hundred 4am miss our laughter !
    our crying !
    our being !
    The crumpled sheets wonder why those two crazy kids no longer play underneath them !
    On my heartstrings you played the most beautiful music my heart could bear !
    and when you tugged each string away !
    my heart lay beating on the floor !
    Our bed is now like winter, only colder !
    so I sleep on the naked floor because it understands too well the weight of broken hearts !
    I spend each day on the floor writing letters to gravity !
    until the floor becomes a spring of memories that's thirsty for one more moment with you !
    Gravity once wrote back saying !
    "Beneath the earth !
    the stars are legend !
    Above the stars, the sky is a floor !
    The floor you fall on !
    is the hope that helps you back up !
    again !
    "I couldn't understand half of that but in a way !
    poetry has been my sky and my floor at the same time !
    Love is my church ! My heaven !
    my hell ! my faith ! my fear !
    Yet my heart still hits the ground every time love makes a sound !

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