• fragment 6w


    With the completion of every cycle
    I hold within myself a most
    Cunning celebration of
    My mentality -
    A delluded revival

    Discarding the
    Overwhelmingly hopeless and
    Exceedingly unsuccessful
    Ideals of this
    Unenlightened, selfish disposition

    Once held in disproportionately
    High and exaggerated regard
    A sanguine consideration
    Ellusively employed and
    Obliviously Imposed as
    The most effective guard

    That my presumptions of
    A malleable ego
    Born of subjective folly
    Would provide for me
    A new juxtaposition

    If only it could with ease be faced

    The shadows of the present
    Reconciled with the
    Indiscretions of the past
    Ignorant to the shortcomings
    Unaware of the condition

    Temperance and duality
    An ever prominent theme
    Experienced via the road of
    Expressive extremes

    Foolishly moving forward
    Pretentious and niave
    What a waste of time!
    The final decree

    Overwhelmingly aware of
    What has come to be
    How could I have been so blind to
    Recognize that its in the
    Abundantly sought after
    Expression of self
    That we define the human dream

    © fragment, 2020 (Katherine Bernhardt)