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    To be locked in a house, for days at stretch and just trying to not be consumed by the monotony of life. The Virus threw a challenge a little too hard. But, over these 6 months, the realisation has probably settled that what is lockdown for us is just another day for Mother Goose. Only this time, she did something she actually happened to enjoy.

    For the first time in years, our family group participated in something worthwhile and for a change I'm proud of my relatives. One of them just happened to post about an Online Geeta class where they'd teach the memorisation and pronunciation of Shlokas. And the little Brahmin woman that she is, Maa latched onto the first opportunity to grab a seat.

    There was some great pleasure in watching her sit starry eyed with the laptop, reading the shlokas, pronouncing them again and again and then screaming my name because she would get confused with the unmute option. She would ask my father to print the class notes so she could practice every week and would spend hours and hours with those big chunky headphones on, trying to correct her pronunciation. Do parents feel this way when they see us studing? What euphoria!

    Weeks had passed and now it was time for Class Test. She practiced her recitation, and wore the loveliest of kurtas she owned, combed her hair into a bun, made me put fairy lights in the pooja room, and asked me to shoot an "acchi si video" for her test because she wanted to be the best presenter in her class. Now, I get it where i got it from.

    The Teacher of the hindi language, who taught so many kids at one point, who I would ask before each exam, "accha hoga na?", was worried if she'd clear Level 1. And the day, the results were out she was overjoyed and how. And then she enrolled herself for Level 2 and the whole thing began again.

    Today, her certificate arrived and I'm just proud of her.

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    Maa and Online Class